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Immigration to Portugal

The quality of life can really be changed for the better - proven by Portuguese expats. Portugal is consistently included in the top ranking of Expat Insider. Here, everything brings pleasure: the ocean, a comfortable climate, a Mediterranean food, a long active life, personal safety, low prices.
Emigration to Portugal with the legal support of First Legal Portugal – is a reliable way to obtain legal naturalization in one of the most expat-friendly countries of the European Union. Without the risk of deportation, financial losses, mistakes in planning the acquisition of Portuguese citizenship.

Immigration to Portugal: advantages and prospects

Portugal is interested in increasing the able-bodied and financially secure population: the negative demographic dynamics of the last century created the conditions for advantageous immigration programs. A favorable business environment has been created for digital technologies, logistics, tourism, eco-farms, construction, beauty and health, and green energy.
Global web summits, sailing regattas, national reserves, kilometer-long beaches, vineyards, original restaurants, golf, tennis, festivals, planned urbanization, ocean biodiversity, art projects - everyday life of residents of Portugal.

A legal residence permit in Portugal provides you with:

  1. Long-term temporary residence on the mainland from the Algarve to Bragança, on the Madeira archipelago and the Azores.
  2. The prospect of permanent residence, obtaining a permanent residence or RNH (residente não habitual), free business activity in Europe.
  3. The right to obtain citizenship of a country of the European Union; passport strength rating of 3, on par with the UK and US.

The balance of business activity, loyal tax policy, various leisure formats, high eco-standards, and political stability in Portugal attracts financially independent individuals, highly qualified specialists, students, startup teams, freelancers and retirees.

Portugal immigration strategy: solutions from First Legal Portugal

Obtaining a residence permit in Portugal – the first step towards naturalization. First Legal Portugal lawyers plan the immigration process with the prospect of obtaining permanent residence and Portuguese citizenship individually for each client.

First Legal Portugal takes into account all factors of immigration:

  • age, health condition, family structure;
  • financial situation, sources of income;
  • type of activity, qualification;
  • plans for study, work, rest, passive income;
  • regional preferences;
  • objective political and economic factors.

Planning begins before submitting documents to the consulate and SEF. The costs of the family and business relocation process, future taxes, the minimum combined family income, the terms of obtaining a permanent residence permit, the right to leave the country are taken into account. Consultation of a lawyer in online or offline mode helps to understand different types of visas.

We will explain in a reasoned way:

  • expediency and prospects of applying for a visa;
  • ways, grounds, advantages, terms of acquiring the status of resident or non-permanent resident;
  • rights to temporary and permanent residence, Portuguese citizenship.

We accompany the immigration processes of various categories of emigrants:

  • hired workers, entrepreneurs, highly qualified specialists;
  • students, scientists, volunteers;
  • financially independent persons, rentiers and retirees;
  • the emigrants' closest relatives for family reunification;
  • applicants for StartUp, Green or Digital Nomad visas of Portugal.

The work of First Legal Portugal is based on daily monitoring of current legal requirements, immigration and tax innovations. The First Legal team quickly adapts to new conditions: the Golden visa, is losing its relevance, but there are also high chances of getting a visa for investments in environmental projects or opening a startup visa for a business project with a low capital investment threshold.

Comprehensive legal support for obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship of Portugal

Since 2008, First Legal Portugal experts have been analyzing the documents of applicants for residence permits, permanent residence and citizenship of Portugal. Consultation with a lawyer – is the first stage of a complex immigration process. The team develops a personal strategy for the client, monitors deadlines, and provides practical assistance.

Basic list of First Legal Portugal immigration services:

  • primary consultation of a lawyer;
  • analysis of documents of the applicant and family members;
  • development of a strategic personal plan for naturalization or family relocation for 5-7 years;
  • development of a tactical plan for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal, taking into account financial and legal issues;
  • receipt of NIF - individual tax identifier;
  • choosing a bank, opening an account in a Portuguese bank;
  • support of the immigration process, filling out applications, collecting documents, monitoring deadlines;
  • search and registration of real estate for rent, purchase, receiving passive income, commercial activity, startup;
  • control of deadlines and documentation packages for obtaining permanent residence and citizenship of Portugal, preparation for interviews and exams.

During the maintenance process we, the First Legal Portugal team, involve all the necessary specialists - experienced immigration lawyers, translators, tax consultants and accountants, real estate agents, specialists in the protection of intellectual rights, business registration and trademarks.

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