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Temporary Residence Permit For Freelancers In Portugal


Residence Permit And Permanent Residence For Freelancers In Portugal

The issue of receiving, extending and replacing a residence permit in Portugal is handled by the SEF (Department of migration and Border Control) – Servico de estrangeiros e fronteiras. One of the grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit in Portugal for persons who work as a freelancer or as a remote worker is a D2 visa – a visa for persons who work as a freelancer or as a remote worker and plan to stay in the country for more than 90 consecutive days. Another alternative visa for freelancers is the D7 visa in Portugal.

First Legal Portugal provides full support turnkey services for obtaining a D2 or D7 visa and a temporary residence permit based on a D2 or D7 visa. Our specialists support the client during all the necessary procedures that will be required to obtain this permit.

Cost of services: 1950 EUR*
Completion time: from 90 working days
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes the preparation of a set of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a D2 visa, as well as the preparation and submission of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a residence permit in SEF.
Here is the link to find the list of documents required for obtaining a D2 visa.


In Portugal, an application for a residence permit is submitted in 2 ways

  • Preliminary Online Application submission (via the SAPA portal);
  • In paper form through the SEF Office/division (Department of migration and Border Control) – Servico de estrangeiros e fronteiras.

After your application is approved, you must pass an interview at the SEF Office/Division.


Foreigners who are freelancers or self-employed persons can obtain a residence permit in Portugal in 2 ways

  1. Due to obtaining a Type D visa at the Consulate of Portugal in the country of residence, followed by arrival in Portugal to submit a set of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal (this procedure takes about 8 months from the date of applying to the consulate);
  2. Directly on the territory of Portugal, without obtaining a preliminary Type D visa, Portuguese law allows you to apply for a residence permit (this procedure takes about 4 years and during the first 2 years, it is necessary to stay permanently in the territory of Portugal, leaving it only with a justification, like work or going to the country of birth).


List of required documents to apply for a permit:

  • Applicant's identity document;
  • Documents and information confirming the regularity of departure and entry to the territory of Portugal;
  • Documents confirming the availability of livelihoods;
  • Valid D2 visa - if available;
  • Current medical policy;
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of real estate for living;
  • Certificate of non-criminal record from the country of origin and certificate of criminal record verification in Portugal;
  • Document confirming registration with the Tax Service and social insurance authorities.

A residence permit is issued for 1 year. After the expiration of 1 year, the residence permit can be extended for 2 years, with the possibility of extending it for another 2 years after that.


The residence permit may be refused if the applicant:

  • Submitted deliberately false information;
  • Has a criminal record for a crime for which the penalty of imprisonment for a period of more than 1 year is established;
  • The applicant is banned from entering Portuguese territory after his previous removal;
  • There are bans in the SEF database or in the Schengen Information System.


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