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Welcome to the law firm "First Legal Portugal"

Do you need a legal assistance in Portugal and accounting or tax advice? Then you are at the exact address. The Company “First Legal Portugal” provides a full range of legal and accounting services for individuals and legal entities.

Our team consists of specialists from various areas who are always ready to provide professional advice and legal support.

You should contact our Company if you are planning to move to Portugal, intend to open a business there, need accountant advice, buy or rent real estate.

Let's take a closer look at the services provided by our Company.

What services can be obtained by contacting the Company “First Legal Portugal”?

Staying in Portugal, legal issues may arise that are extremely difficult to resolve on your own. Professional advice from a lawyer in Portugal can help in many life situations.

The Company “First Legal Portugal” offers the following services:

  • Help with immigration to Portugal;
  • Obtaining visas of all categories;
  • Professional accounting services and consultations for businesses of any size;
  • Help with opening a business in Portugal;
  • Assistance in searching, buying or renting real estate;
  • Legal support and consultations on intellectual property issues.

Immigration services

Portugal is a progressive country in Europe that attracts with its culture, climate and comfort. In order to make the move easy, contact the Company “First Legal Portugal”.

Our immigration lawyers in Portugal help clients navigate complex immigration procedures and ensure their successful completion.

Using our services, depending upon your situation and needs, you can obtain:

  • Residence permit;
  • Work permit;
  • Visa;
  • Citizenship and RNH status.

We help our clients to go through the process of obtaining a RNH status. This status is intended for non-residents who wish to settle in Portugal and receive certain tax benefits.

Our immigration lawyers in Portugal take responsibility for the entire process, including preparing the necessary documentation and assisting with an application.

An immigration lawyer in Portugal from our Company is a qualified specialist with work experience who clearly understands all aspects of the immigration process and provides professional support at every stage.

Accounting services in Portugal

Doing business in Portugal is a promising occupation, because this country has created excellent conditions for the development and scaling of one's own business.

In order to conduct business in accordance with law, you cannot do without a qualified accountant and the help of a lawyer in Portugal. Accounting services are necessary for every company, restaurant, or store.

Our law firm in Portugal offers the following services:

  • Maintain accounting;
  • Preparation of reports and tax declarations;
  • Consultations on tax issues;
  • Accounting consultations of any complexity.

We are ready to ensure accurate and systematic accounting of your company's financial transactions in accordance with the requirements of Portuguese law.

Our accountants will assist in the preparation of annual and monthly financial reports and in their design in accordance with the Portuguese accounting standards. This service includes income statements and other financial documents.

Our team of experts provides professional advice on financial matters - budget planning, analysis of financial indicators, profit forecasting and investment analysis. We will help you understand the financial situation of your business and offer an effective strategy for its further development.

Services for individuals from the company “First Legal Portugal”

If you live in Portugal or only plan to move, you can use service of legal assistance in Portugal if necessary.

Our company specializes in providing such legal services for individuals as follows: opening bank accounts, obtaining a NIF tax number, entering into and dissolving a marriage, obtaining an inheritance, and representing interests in court.

We understand that the process of adapting to a new country is quite difficult, so we offer a comprehensive approach and professional legal assistance to make this process as convenient as possible for client.

Search for real estate in Portugal

Searchung an ideal accommodation in Portugal is not a problem if you contact the Company “First Legal Portugal”. It doesn't matter to us whether you are searching for real estate in Lisbon, Porto or in another city in the country. Our specialists will select the best options, according to an announced budget, for rent or purchase.

The lawyers of our company will conduct an audit of real estate units to ensure the safety and reliability of purchase or rental transaction, without risk for client.

Assistance in visa obtaining

Our company specializes in providing services for obtaining Portuguese visas of various categories. The assistance of a lawyer in Portugal, in this case, includes:

  • Consultations on visa requirements and procedures;
  • Assistance in preparing the necessary documents;
  • Assistance in applying for visa;
  • Assistance and support in application review process;
  • Consultations on visa immigration programs and opportunities to stay in Portugal.

Our specialists consider each case individually, taking into account all the features and circumstances.

Outsourced business services

If you contact our company, opening a business in Portugal will be much easier.

You will receive:

  • Professional legal advice in Portugal;
  • Assistance with company registration and contract development;
  • Help with opening bank accounts.

If you already own a business that operates successfully in another country, we will help you open branches in Portugal.

Intellectual law

You can also get legal support and legal advice in Portugal on intellectual property issues in our company. We will help with the registration of patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Our mission is to provide customers with a full range of services to meet their needs and ensure a comfortable stay in Portugal.

Advantages of cooperation with us in provision of accounting and legal outsourcing services

Outsourcing services will allow you to relieve yourself and focus on other important aspects of running a business. Thus, you will be able to ensure stable operations of a company and increase income.

Cooperation with the Company “First Legal Portugal” in the provision of outsourcing services has the following main advantages:

  1. Experience and expertise of our specialists allows us to perform a variety of tasks, including keeping documentation, accounting, solving legal, tax and financial issues;
  2. Cooperation with us will allow you to reduce the costs associated with staff training, renting office space and purchasing the necessary equipment - computers, notebooks. You can use the service of consulting a lawyer in Portugal as needed. This allows for effective cost management;
  3. You will be able to concentrate on main aspects of business, strategic tasks, business development and achievement of set goals;
  4. Our lawyers and accountants constantly improve their professional skills so that you receive high-quality and affordable services;
  5. Our specialists work efficiently, quickly and harmoniously, which allows to reduce the time of completing tasks and ensure a quick response to all needs and requests;

We believe that our customers' success is our success. We strive to become a reliable partner, provide a personal approach and constant support.

Benefits of working with us for one-time immigration and legal services

Our company offers legal advice in Portugal. By contacting us, you will receive:

  • High quality legal and immigration services. Our specialists are always up to date on all legislative changes, and you receive only up-to-date information;
  • Competitive price for services;
  • Timely provision of services and individual approach;
  • Confidentiality guarantee. All information we receive in the course of cooperation will be protected and will not be shared with others.

Therefore, if you have any legal questions, feel free to contact the specialists of the Company “First Legal Portugal”.

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