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Are you in need of qualified legal assistance in Portugal? Look no further than our team of lawyers and attorneys. A lawyer in Portugal is your reliable support for all legal matters. We provide a comprehensive range of legal services for individuals and businesses in various cities across Portugal. Trust our team to resolve your legal issues and save your valuable time.

Services Offered by First Legal Portugal

Our company is your key to building a successful business and establishing a stable life in Portugal. A qualified lawyer in Portugal is essential in many situations. All our specialists have years of experience, extensive knowledge, and can assist you with:

  • Opening a business in Portugal.
  • Drafting or overseeing contracts.
  • Representing you in court.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Obtaining a tax number.
  • Obtaining apostilles and consular legalization of documents.
  • Protecting your rights when challenging fines.
  • Drafting marriage contracts, divorce proceedings, or settling inheritance matters.
  • Obtaining residency in Portugal.

We offer a wide range of legal services, specializing in immigration, taxation, and accounting. Our mission is to make your move to Portugal as comfortable, safe, and understandable as possible. We provide qualified support in any city, whether you need a lawyer in Porto, Lisbon, or any other locality, you can always rely on First Legal Portugal.

Starting a Business in Portugal from Scratch

Starting a business always requires significant effort. This process demands experience, specific legal knowledge, and familiarity with local tax intricacies. Our legal company is ready to provide you with professional advice regarding taxation, company registration, acquiring necessary permits and documents, offering full legal support, and helping to rectify any issues in your existing business in Portugal.

You can entrust the legal aspects of running your business to First Legal Portugal while you focus your time and efforts on your core business activities. This allows you to streamline your business operations and increase your revenue from your passion.

Opening a Bank Account with First Legal Portugal

Can you imagine modern life without a bank account? Most likely, you can't. Setting up a bank account is a top priority when moving to any country. If you need to get a bank card in Portugal, turn to First Legal Portugal. We assist in opening bank accounts and provide financial planning advice. Our company collaborates with various banks, ensuring you open an account on the most favorable terms.

We care about ensuring everyone can access quality service, so our prices are quite reasonable.

Seek financial consultation from our company whenever you need it. Our lawyer in Lisbon, Porto, or any other city in Portugal will gladly provide any legal service from our extensive list.

Obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NIF) in Portugal

A Tax Identification Number (NIF) is a necessary document in Portugal. It's required for opening a bank account, renting accommodation, legally working, receiving medical assistance, or conducting financial transactions.

If you're seeking assistance in obtaining a Tax Identification Number (NIF) in Portugal, turn to First Legal Portugal. Here, you can:

  1. Consult with our First Legal Portugal specialists. They will provide detailed information about the NIF application process and help you prepare all necessary documents.
  2. Gather additional documents. If extra documentation or information is required, our lawyer in Porto or another city will help expedite this process.
  3. Receive support during the procedure, legal assistance, a personalized approach, and resolution of potential issues or problems.

To obtain a tax number in Portugal, you need a resident to act as your tax representative. If you don't have anyone to turn to, our lawyers will assist you to ensure that all subsequent procedures proceed without delays.

Challenging Administrative Offenses 

If you receive a fine in Portugal, it doesn't mean your situation is hopeless. If you're certain of your innocence, you can contest the administrative penalty.

The lawyers at First Legal Portugal will help you prepare all necessary documentation, appeal the fine, and provide support throughout the procedure.

Turn to our company, and you won't have to spend money on paying a potentially substantial fine in Portugal.

Apostille and Consular Legalization of Documents

Every document is important. Moreover, it's crucial that each document complies with the legal norms of the country of residence and is valid. In Portugal, there are two ways to legalize documents: by affixing an apostille or obtaining consular legalization.

Applying an apostille is a reliable method for document legalization in 136 countries worldwide, which are parties to the 1961 Hague Convention. Portugal is one such country, ensuring the swift legalization of your documents.

Our company, "First Legal Portugal," is ready to handle all your document legalization matters, including translations if necessary, or sending the finalized document via a trusted courier.

We ensure a fast processing of apostilles and consular legalization for your documents. With our experienced lawyers, your personal documents will be in safe hands.

Family Legal Relations in Portugal - Legal Assistance

Family legal relations encompass actions related to changing civil status and other procedures arising from family ties, such as marriage agreements, property arrangements, or inheritance matters. These situations are usually emotionally charged, making it best to entrust their handling to experienced professionals.

Our legal firm will help you navigate any personal situation effectively and advantageously.

Marriage with a Portuguese citizen is a viable path to immigration. However, marriage procedures in Portugal can have specific requirements. We highly recommend consulting with our lawyers to understand the intricacies of this process:

  • Conditions and consequences of marrying a Portuguese citizen.
  • Required documents for marriage registration.
  • Terms and consequences of divorce in Portugal.
  • Documents needed for divorce.

Drawing up a marriage contract is a common procedure in Portugal, ensuring social and legal protection for each spouse. Reach out to our company, and we can assist with drafting marriage contracts.

Inheritance Proceedings in Portugal

Inheriting property is a significant process that requires careful consideration. Our experts are ready to provide quality professional advice and represent your interests.

If inheritance occurs according to a will, the situation is usually straightforward and uncontested. However, when inheritance takes place under the law, clients may face difficulties that are challenging to overcome without qualified assistance.

"First Legal Portugal" can assist in preparing the necessary documents for accepting an inheritance and help navigate inheritance taxation matters in Portugal.

Residency in Portugal

Our company, "First Legal Portugal," can help you obtain a residence permit in Portugal under various grounds. When you turn to our lawyers, you'll receive detailed and understandable information about the conditions for obtaining residency in Portugal, the list of documents you need to prepare, and how to submit them correctly.

We take care of all documentation-related matters, allowing you to go through the process correctly and swiftly.

Advantages of Partnering with "First Legal Portugal"

"First Legal Portugal" is your reliable partner committed to legal success and stability.

Every client is a unique individual with specific needs and circumstances. Therefore, we approach each case individually. Before starting cooperation, we thoroughly study all legal aspects and the client's problem to find the best solution.

By choosing us, you will receive:

  • High-quality legal services.
  • Consultation and support from highly qualified professionals.
  • Assistance in gathering and preparing all necessary documents.
  • Affordable pricing without unnecessary services.
  • Answers to all legal and tax questions in Portugal.

Therefore, there's no need to search extensively on Google for "lawyer Lisbon". "First Legal Portugal" is your best solution. Reach out to us, and we are confident we can assist you.

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