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Visa for entrepreneurs or self-employed in Portugal (D2 Visa)



If you are planning to immigrate and start your own business in Portugal, the D2 visa will suit you best. The D2 visa or entrepreneur visa is a visa for self-employed or persons, who work for themselves, who have opened their own business in Portugal. The D2 visa in Portugal suits best for small and medium-sized businesses, as it does not require a minimum investment amount. However, we recommend making an investment to show that you have a reliable business plan and a plan to capitalize your own business in Portugal.

The company First Legal Portugal provides full support services for obtaining a D2 visa for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons in Portugal. We support the client during all necessary procedures. With us, obtaining a D2 visa becomes simple, clear and affordable!

Cost of services: 1650 EUR*
Deadline: from 60 w. d.
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes consulting and support of a lawyer in obtaining a D2 visa for further independent submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal.


The following are eligible to apply for a D2 visa:

  • Entrepreneurs - independent workers;
  • Company owners, shareholders, directors of companies registered in Portugal;
  • Freelancers.



The following is necessary to apply for a D2 visa:

  • Prepared business plan (for entrepreneurs);
  • Foreign and domestic passport + photocopies thereof;
  • 2 photo cards;
  • A certificate from the bank about the availability of funds in it (certificate about the means for living), in the amount of 12 months of residence either for 1 person or for a family;
  • Valid medical policy;
  • Availability of NIF (identification number) - for entrepreneurs;
  • Certificate/conclusion of criminal record from the country of origin;
  • Conclusion from the border service of Portugal about no criminal record;
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of real estate in Portugal;
  • Company charter or declaration (if any) – for self-employed persons;
  • Documents that will confirm the financial support of such a business or documents that confirm a loan - for entrepreneurs;
  • The IAMEI Declaration - for startups;
  • Documents confirming qualification, education, work experience or employment contract - for self-employed persons.

FIRST LEGAL provides full support services on all legal issues in Portugal.

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