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Obtaining A Residence Permit In Portugal Through StartUp Visa


Residence Permit Via StartUp Visa

Portugal is a state of the European Union whose legislation provides several options for foreigners to obtain a residence permit. One option for progressive and modern people is the StartUp Visa. The program provides an opportunity for persons who have started or intend to start a new project in Portugal (with certain requirements) to obtain a residence permit, that is, to become a resident of Portugal.

First Legal Portugal provides full support turnkey services for obtaining a StartUp visa and a temporary residence permit based on a StartUp visa. Our specialists support the client during all the necessary procedures that will be required to obtain this permit.

Cost of services: 1400 EUR
Deadline: from 90 w. d.
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes the preparation of a set of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a StartUp visa, as well as the preparation and submission of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a residence permit in SEF.
Here is the link to find the list of documents required for obtaining a StartUp Visa.


Requirements for candidates

  • age from 18 years;
  • number of people in the project - from 1 to 5;
  • availability of personal funds in a bank account in the amount of at least 5,146.08 euros per person (confirmation of the ability to support oneself independently at the initial stage).


The main requirements for the project

  • a new or existing project, an innovative or technological project;
  • creation of qualified jobs is a mandatory goal of the project;
  • after 5 years, the turnover potential or the value of assets must be more than 325,000 euros;
  • prospects of entering international markets.


Stages of participation under the StartUp Visa program

  1. preparation and submission of all necessary documents (project presentation, passport, motivation letter, documents from the bank, etc.);
  2. sending applications to incubators that can potentially accompany the project in the future. All further stages are possible only if the project is confirmed by one of the incubators;
  3. submission of additional forms and submission of materials for consideration by the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation. The review lasts 30 working days;
  4. in case of a positive decision of the Agency, the applicant gets the right to get a visa for entry to Portugal;
  5. after relocation to Portugal, the applicant has the right to apply to the migration service for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit.

If you are interested in relocation to Portugal and plan to start an innovative project there, be sure to use the StartUp Visa program. The First Legal Portugal company provides services for the full support of the participation of entrepreneurs under the StartUp Visa program in Portugal.


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