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Non-permanent Resident (RNH) Status In Portugal


Obtaining Non-permanent Resident (RNH) Status In Portugal

Portugal is one of the most attractive countries for doing business, studying, living and retiring. If you are a foreign citizen, have obtained a residence permit in Portugal for the first time and plan to transfer your business to Portugal or earn income directly in Portugal, you need to obtain a non-permanent resident (RNH) status. RNH status (residente não habital) is designed to attract specialists in Portugal in the field of high added value activity (HAVA).

First Legal Portugal provides full package of support services for obtaining non-permanent resident (RNH) status in Portugal. Our specialists support the client during all necessary procedures.

Cost of services: 750 EUR*
Completion time:  
*separately is to be paid the state duty
An application for non-permanent resident (RNH) status in Portugal is submitted before March 31 of the current year, for the previous year in which you became a tax resident of Portugal.


Who Is A Tax Resident Of Portugal

  • Foreign citizens who legally reside in Portugal for more than 183 days within 1 calendar year;
  • They have a source of income, family ties, children, and so on;
  • They own housing, real estate, or have a permanent residential address;
  • Officially employed or have their own business;
  • A foreign national who officially works for a Portuguese government agency abroad.

RNH status (residente não habital) is issued for 10 years and gives a fixed preferential rate on income received from work and business activities.


To apply for RNH status (residente não habital) first you need to

  • get a NIF tax number;
  • obtain the status of a tax resident;
  • get a password to access the Tax Service's website.


List of specialties within HAVA – High Added Value Activity

  • CEO and executive director of companies;
  • Directors of administrative and commercial services;
  • Directors of production and specialized services;
  • Directors of hotels, public catering, trade and other services;
  • Specialists in physical, mathematical, engineering and related technical sciences;
  • Medical practitioners, including dentists;
  • Professors of universities and higher education;
  • Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists;
  • Writers, journalists and linguists;
  • Artists of creative arts and performing arts;
  • Mid-level technicians and scientific and technical professions;
  • Information and Communication Technology technicians;
  • Farmers and skilled workers in agriculture and animal husbandry, market-oriented;
  • Market-oriented, skilled forest, fishing and hunting workers;
  • Skilled workers in industry, construction and artisans, including, in particular, skilled workers in the field of metallurgy, metalworking, food processing, woodworking, clothing, crafts, printing, precision tool manufacturing, jewelers, craftsmen, electrical and electronics workers;
  • Operators of equipment and machines and installers, namely operators of stationary equipment and machines.

If you have any questions, you can contact  First Legal Portugal company. First Legal Portugal specialists will advise you and accompany you from start to finish.


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