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Residence Permit In Portugal On The Base Of A Green Visa


Residence Permit And Permanent Residence In Portugal On The Base Of A Green Visa

The experience of the First Legal Portugal company in the field of international investments in recent years demonstrates the interest of potential investors in the possibility of profitably and safely investing funds in the stable economy of a developed country. The Portuguese authorities additionally, even earlier, decided to expand opportunities for investment and obtaining a residence permit on the basis of investments in the ecological sphere and in the ecological direction in Portugal. Visas based on investments in environmental projects are Green visas. In essence, the Green Visa is a subtype of the Golden Visa in Portugal. A green visa in Portugal is one of the best such offers in the European Union! 

First Legal Portugal provides full support turnkey services for obtaining a Green visa and a temporary residence permit based on a Green visa. Our specialists support the client during all the necessary procedures that will be required to obtain this permit.

Obtaining a Green Visa requires an investment of 500,000 euros in environmental projects.

Cost of services: 4000 EUR*
Completion time: from 90 working days
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes the preparation of a set of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a Green visa, as well as the preparation and submission of documents and the support of a lawyer for obtaining a residence permit in SEF.
Here is the link to find the list of documents required for obtaining a Green visa.


In order to obtain a Green visa, an investor must invest

  • in projects working in the field of environmental safety;
  • in ecotourism;
  • in organic agricultural production;
  • in projects that help reduce emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere;
  • in renewable energy sources.


By investing under environmental programs, you get a number of advantages, including

  • the possibility of accommodation for the whole family (husband/wife, minor children, disabled parents);
  • the minimum mandatory period of residence in Portugal per year is 7 days;
  • the possibility of obtaining Portuguese citizenship after 5 years.


First Legal Portugal Company also provides related services, namely:


Documents Giving The Right Of Residence And Citizenship

The applicant is issued a permit for temporary residence in Portugal for a period of 2 years with the right to extend the period of validity.

The applicant's family members are issued a resident card, the term of which corresponds to the validity period of the applicant's permit.

After 5 years have passed and the conditions have been met, the applicant has the right to obtain a permanent residence permit (for a period of 5 years) in Portugal or obtain Portuguese citizenship. Portugal recognizes dual citizenship, so there is no need to abandon the existing one.


Stages Of Receiving A Residence Permit Based On A Green Visa In Portugal

  • consultation of First Legal Portugal company and choice of investment form;
  • collection of the applicant's documents, apostillation and translation;
  • obtaining a tax number "NIF" and opening a bank account;
  • making an investment;
  • obtaining a Green visa;
  • registration with the migration service of Portugal, payment of state fees, etc.;
  • obtaining a residence permit based on a Green visa.

The First Legal Portugal company provides turnkey services for the full support of obtaining a Green Visa and a residence permit based on a Green Visa in Portugal. Our specialists support the client during all necessary procedures. With First Legal Portugal, obtaining a residence permit based on a Green Visa becomes simple, clear and affordable!

FIRST LEGAL provides full support services on all legal issues in Portugal.

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