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Green Visa Portugal


Green Visa

The Portugal Green visa is one of the types of Golden visa. The Green Visa program can be suitable for green business owners who want to develop in this direction in Portugal or invest in environmental projects and immigrate here with their family. The creation of this program is designed to preserve local nature and stimulate the development of carbon neutral business.

The minimum amount of investment that allows you to use the Green Visa program is 500,000 euros.

Cost of services: 2500 EUR*
Deadline: from 60 w. d.
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes consulting and support of a lawyer in obtaining a Green Visa for further independent submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal.


Areas, the projects from which may participate in the Green Visa program:

  • non-intensive organic agriculture;
  • ecotourism;
  • renewable energy sources;
  • other environmental initiatives and carbon neutral projects.

Stages of obtaining a Green Visa in Portugal

  1. consultation of the First Legal Portugal company;
  2. collection of documents of the applicant and his family, apostillization and translation;
  3. obtaining a tax number "NIF" and opening a bank account;
  4. making an investment;
  5. registration with the migration service of Portugal, payment of state fees, etc.;
  6. obtaining migration documents.

The First Legal Portugal company provides services for full support of the procedure of immigration to Portugal under the Green Visa program.

First Legal Portugal additionally provides the following list of services:

FIRST LEGAL provides full support services on all legal issues in Portugal.

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