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Obtaining Citizenship In Portugal


Citizenship In Portugal

Portugal is a developed country in the European Union, a country that is among the top 5 countries in terms of life safety, with a high level of medicine services and moral freedom. Portugal is the best country to live in and very promising for changing the location in life. Therefore, citizens of foreign countries who study, work and have their own business in Portugal are increasingly thinking about staying permanently in Portugal in the future.

First Legal Portugal provides full package of support services for obtaining citizenship in Portugal. First Legal Portugal specialists will advise, prepare the necessary documents and support the procedure for obtaining citizenship in Portugal.

Cost of services: 1650 EUR*
Completion time: from 6 months
*separately is to be paid the state duty.


The grounds for obtaining citizenship in Portugal are:

  1. by right of birth: if the newborn child was born in Portugal (exceptions are when the parents came on vacation and do not plan to stay in Portugal for a long time);
  2. by origin: if the child is a citizen of another country and his parents are Portuguese citizens, then the child can also become a Portuguese citizen;
  3. by marriage. If a foreign citizen has been married to a Portuguese citizen for more than 3 years, they can apply for citizenship;
  4. Obtaining citizenship on the basis of investment visas: this option is very long and takes more than 5 years.


To obtain citizenship in Portugal, the following documents are required:

  • Documents that will confirm information about living in Portugal for more than 6 years;
  • A document confirming a sufficient level of proficiency in the Portuguese language;
  • Birth certificate - if necessary;
  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • National and foreign passport and residence permit in Portugal;
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of real estate for living;
  • Certificate of income from the bank;
  • Medical policy;
  • Military ID card - if necessary.


First Legal Portugal also provides services on the following issues:

  • Registration of a private entrepreneur in Portugal;
  • Getting a tax number;
  • Opening a bank account with any bank in Portugal;
  • Support for obtaining a D7 visa and a Gold Visa;
  • Search for real estate to live in.

FIRST LEGAL provides full support services on all legal issues in Portugal.

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