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Visa for financially independent persons in Portugal (D7 Visa)


D7 Visa

The D7 visa in Portugal is a great opportunity to immigrate to sunny and warm Portugal for foreign nationals who are retired or living on proven passive income. According to Article 58 of the Law No. 23/2007 dated July 4, 2007 “Aprova o regime jurídico de entrada, permanência, saída e afastamento de estrangeiros do território nacional” provides that the D7 visa allows foreign citizens to enter the territory of Portugal and submit documents for obtaining a residence permit.

Cost of services: 1450 - 1750 EUR
Deadline: from 60 w. d.
*separately is to be paid the state duty
The price of this service includes consulting and support of a lawyer in obtaining a D7 visa for further independent submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal.


The procedure for obtaining a visa is divided into 2 stages:

  1. Submit an application to the Portuguese consulate in the foreigner's country of residence. The term for considering an application for a visa is 60 days.
  2. Submit a set of documents to the Portuguese Immigration and Border Service (SEF). The application review period is 20 days.

D7 visa is valid for 2 entries into the territory of Portugal, with a period of stay of 4 months each entry. 



Basic requirements and documents for obtaining a D7 visa:

  • An open bank account in Portugal, and the presence of income or pension on this account, which is equal to 12 months of residence;
  • Confirmation of passive income or pension;
  • Passive income requirement, as of 2023: applicant – 100% of minimum salary / 10,640 euros per year, spouse/parent – 50% of minimum salary / 5,320 euros per year, child – 30% of minimum salary / 3,547 euros per year.

To obtain a D7 visa, you must submit:

  • Application;
  • Foreign and domestic passport + photocopies thereof;
  • 2 photo cards;
  • Valid medical policy;
  • Certificate/conclusion of criminal record from the country of origin;
  • Conclusion from the border service of Portugal about no criminal record;
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of real estate in Portugal;
  • Documents confirming passive income or receipt of pension.

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