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Family reunification visa in Portugal (D6 Visa)


Family reunification visa D6

If you are a foreign citizen who has received a long-term residence permit in Portugal, planning to take your family, parents, all 1st degree relatives to Portugal, before applying for a residence permit at the SEF office, you need to obtain a D6 visa for each closest relative, that you want to invite. The D6 visa is a special visa that helps your relatives to stay, work, and study legally in Portugal.

The First Legal Portugal company provides full support services for obtaining a D6 visa for Portugal. We provide consultations and provide full customer support during all necessary procedures for obtaining a D6 visa. With us, obtaining a D6 visa for Portugal becomes simple, clear and affordable!

Cost of services: 1450 EUR*
Deadline: from 60 w. d.

*separately is to be paid the state duty

The price of this service includes consulting and support of a lawyer in obtaining a D6 visa for further independent submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal.


The foreign citizens, relatives of the applicant who have the right to apply for a D6 visa:

  • One of the spouses;
  • Minor children under the age of 18;
  • Children who are under the care of the applicant or one of the spouses, if it is documented that they have the same rights and obligations as their own children;
  • Children after the age of 18, if they study in the territory of Portugal, are dependent on their parents, are not married;
  • Minor brothers or sisters, if they are under the care of the applicant;
  • The applicant's parents over 65 years of age or if it can be proven that they are under the applicant's care.


Obtaining a D6 visa takes place in 2 stages:

  • The requesting party, a non-resident who has a residence permit in Portugal, submits an application for family reunification to any SEF office;
  • 1st degree relatives submit the application and documents to the Portuguese embassy in the country of residence.

The following is necessary to apply for a D6 visa:

  • Application-questionnaire;
  • Foreign and domestic passport + photocopies thereof;
  • Photo cards of 1st degree relatives;
  • Documents confirming an official invitation or enrollment in an educational institution in Portugal (if necessary);
  • Valid medical policy;
  • The certificate/conclusion of a criminal record from the country of origin is duly legalized;
  • A certificate from the Portuguese Border Guard of no criminal record or permission to check your criminal record in Portugal;
  • Documents confirming family ties are duly legalized in the country of their issuance;
  • Marriage certificate duly legalized in the country of its issuance;
  • Birth certificate for children, duly legalized in the country of its issuance;
  • Documents confirming the lease or ownership of real estate in Portugal;
  • Documents confirming the sources of residence in Portugal for the applicant and each member of his family whom he plans to invite.


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FIRST LEGAL provides full support services on all legal issues in Portugal.

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